Pregnancy and childbirth are incredibly intimate, personal experiences for most parents. You absolutely have a choice about which type of prenatal care you would prefer. It may help to know the differences between midwives and OBGYNs!

Midwives are healthcare providers specialize in pregnancy and childbirth, newborn care and postpartum health for women and babies. Some midwives provide routine reproductive care like pelvic exams, pap smears and birth control education and consultation. Midwives are typically more holistic and supportive of natural approaches to pregnancy and childbirth. Parents typically choose a midwife when they know that they want a non-medicated birth or want to give birth at home.

Midwives are usually not physicians however, hey often work alongside gynecologists in a hospital to ensure you have access to any emergency care you may need. A midwife is only recommended when your pregnancy is low-risk or if you have only had mild complications from previous births.

A certified nurse midwife can practice in hospitals, clinics, birth centers and in your home. Midwives who are not certified are limited to where they can practice. Ask your midwife which credentials they have and ask your hospital or birth center what the regulations the have for midwife care.

One would think because of Asheville’s natural / holistic vibe, that we would have way more options for Midwives than we actually do! As I understand it, North Carolina has some fairly regressive laws that have impacted midwifery in the state.

We do however, have some Midwives that Asheville Loves and I can’t wait to tell you about them!

Laurie Jenkins, CNM, RN – “An Actual Angel”

The verdict is in and Asheville mamas have ranked Laurie Jenkins as one of the top Midwives Asheville Loves! Laurie is a Midwife at both MAHEC OBGYN and a Senior Midwife at Lilac Health, both in Asheville. Women in Asheville seem to sing Laurie’s praises from the roof tops, some calling her “an actual angel.”

Learn more about Laurie here:

Laurie Jenkins, CNM, RN

Find Laurie at MAHEC OBGYN OR Lilac Health

Biltmore OBGYN Midwives

Biltmore OBGYN is a beloved practice in Asheville and it’s a unique one because it’s comprised of an all female staff! Five Doctors (two of which are Family Portrait Clients of mine!), Two Midwives and a Nurse Practitioner. At Biltmore OBGYN, you’ll either be working with Michelle Tenaglia, CNM or
Mikaya Bass, CNM. Both of these midwives have been highly recommended within the community.

Learn more about Michelle and Mikaya here:

Biltmore OBGYN Midwives


24 Medical Park Drive, Asheville, NC 28803

Melissa Poole, CNM, RN – Senior Midwife at Lilac Health

Melissa Poole is a highly experienced, widely trusted Midwife in Asheville! She delivered moms at the WNC Birth Center as a senior midwife and at Mission Hospital. Melissa has dedicated herself to providing an alternative out of hospital natural birth experience for women. Melissa is one of four Midwives with Lilac Health.

Learn more about Melissa here:

Lilac Health Midwives


390 S French Broad Ave 
Suite C 
Asheville, NC 28801 

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