Asheville’s # 1 Most Trusted Maternity, Newborn & Family Photographer shares news of an exciting new adventure!

There are a few different sales models for portrait photographers.

Most commonly, portrait photographers start out with the “Shoot and Burn” Model which is: a flat rate session fee that would include x number of digital files with the price of your session. There’s a Hybrid model (the in between) which might look like: a flat rate session fee that includes x number of digital files and maybe some prints or an upgrade option after the session (my current model).

And then, when portrait photographers finally decide to level up their service, they most commonly move to what is known as the “In Person Sales” Model (IPS, for short). This model looks like: a flat rate Creative Fee which covers your photographer’s time to consult prior to your session, time to shoot your session, time to edit your images, time to deliver your image proofs and time to expertly guide you on which products & sizes would be perfect for your family / home!

After your session has been edited, you’ll have a viewing / ordering appointment where you will select a Product Collection and/or individual items from the A La Carte Product list and your photographer becomes much more hands on, delivering expert advice & exceptional service, guiding you on which products and sizes would be right for you!

But, is it really “in person”? — It can be, but it doesn’t have to be…

In the age of zoom and automated online portrait galleries, you don’t necessarily have to come to my studio for your ordering appointment, unless you just wanna hang out again, in which case (I totally do too!) 😉


Because Family Portrait Sessions are an Investment.

Whether you’re dropping nearly $1k on a portrait session and I’m handing you some digital files and sending you on your way OR whether, I’m helping you to actually create beautiful heirlooms for your children & family and putting gorgeous pieces of art on your walls that will bring you so much joy every single time you look at them…. It’s an investment no matter how you square it.

Wouldn’t you rather have something beautiful and tangible to show for it?

Here’s what I imagine happens 95% of the time:

Client: Researches photographers, chooses the perfect one, spends anywhere from $500 – $1200 on a portrait session, invests their time & effort (and money) preparing and procuring wardrobe for the session, puts in the effort to plan for the session, gets everyone ready and out the door to the actual session, expends mental and emotional energy at the session, waits for the gallery, downloads the included digital files, shares a few on socials and then these beautiful images just sit on a hard drive somewhere indefinitely, until one day you remember that you really should print a few but where are you going to put them and what sizes should you order…. but it’s also been so long now, the kids have really changed, we really need to book another session to update anyway…. and so the cycle continues.

I want something better for you.

I want something better for me.

I want my art to be on your walls. I want gorgeous heirloom keepsake albums to sit on your coffee table for your kids to look at & for your guests to fawn over… I want you to have beautiful matted art prints in gold frames on your counters and shelves. I want you to have something to show for it. I want to actually give you beautiful, tangible heirlooms to hold.

So, that’s what I’m gonna do.

I’ll be sharing more about the new price structure in the coming weeks leading up to July 1 and I sincerely hope you’re as excited by this new adventure as I am and that you’ll come along with me!

Learn more about the Investment here: Investment Info



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What does In Person Sales (IPS) mean?