Award Winning Asheville Family Photographer photographs Extended Families Vacationing in Asheville!

Several years ago, we began offering Extended Family Portrait Sessions for Large Groups of Extended Families who were Vacationing in and around Asheville after we kept receiving inquiries to photograph these types of sessions & family reunions, etc!

Over the years, photographing these types of sessions: Family Reunions, Extended Families and / or Multiple Families Vacationing together in Asheville — photographing these sessions has actually become one of our favorite things to shoot!

What’s not to love, honestly!? A group of people who maybe haven’t seen each other in a year or more, coming together for vacation! They’re happy, they’re in vacay mode — so they’re usually pretty playful and fun and they’re definitely really excited to finally get portraits all together!

Even if you’re not (technically) related as family — booking an Extended Family Portrait Session with another family who you’re close with — is a really economical way to update those family portraits!

The format of these sessions is typically as follows (with a little variation depending on the children!):

Extended Family Sessions Basic Shot List:

  1. Whole Group Posed + Candid
  2. Each Nuclear / Smaller Family Unit Posed + Candid
  3. All Grandchildren Posed + Candid
  4. All Grandchildren + Grandparents Posed + Candid
  5. Grandparents with their Original Children
  6. Each Couple + All Couples together
  7. All Men Together
  8. All Ladies Together
  9. Each Person Individual Portrait 
  10. Photojournalism Candid Photos + Children Playing

If you would like more information about booking an Extended Family Portrait Session for your family, you can find it on the Investment Page located here: Investment

Looking forward to creating Heirlooms with you soon!


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