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Family poses for Extended Family Photos in Asheville during their Family Reunion in Asheville, NC.

If you’re reading this, you must realize how incredibly lucky you are, to have that big, crazy, family of yours! Life is so busy. Believe me, I know that it feels like when your to-do list is never ending on top of jobs, school, kids, home, social, etc! Which is why, it’s so important to make the time, to have the forethought, to schedule those Extended Family Photos in Asheville while you’re all together!

It’s just human nature really, to take for granted, these special opportunities of togetherness, not wanting to even think about the reality that there might come a time when we can’t all be together like this again…

My dad had 7 siblings (each with 2-5 children of their own!) and when I was a kid, those moments of togetherness, when we were all together for an occasion (a holiday, a birthday, anniversary or a reunion) were some of my fondest childhood memories! And can I tell you, just how much I wish I had photos from those occasions to look back on!!

Family poses for Extended Family Photos in Asheville during their Family Reunion in Asheville, NC.

That’s the thing about memories… they get fuzzy over time. Having beautiful, professional quality images of your loved ones during a special moment in time for your family helps with your memory re-call. The photos have this magical ability to transport us back to that moment in time, when we were all together, when we were whole, when we were happy…

Here’s your Reminder: If you’re planning a Family Reunion or Gathering this Summer, don’t forget to book a photographer!

Grandparents pose with their grandchildren for Extended Family Photos in Asheville during their Family Reunion in Asheville, NC.

Because you simply can’t do it all. You can’t book the venue, decorate, cook the food, prep for the meal, tend to the children, really be present, spending quality time with your family AND remember to take the photos yourself! Delegate, let a professional document the moment for you — so that you can focus on what really matters — being there, being present in the moment with your family.

xo – Brittany

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Large, Extended Family poses for Family Portraits during their Family Reunion in Asheville, NC.

Where should we shoot?

We can shoot anywhere really, honestly, for these types of images, backdrop isn’t as important as lighting and relational posing that conveys closeness among your family members. However, here are a few suggestions:

  1. At Home / At your Rental / At the Event Venue where you’ll all be together. (One thing to be aware of if you’re hoping to shoot at home / at your rental or at the event venue: many of these mountain homes are perched on the side of a mountain with no large / flat area to speak of (which is essential for posing large, extended families together!)
  2. Biltmore Estate – if you’re planning to visit the estate together, this would be an beautifully manicured location for extended family portraits.
  3. NC Arboretum – provides lots of beautiful location options for extended family photos all in one central location (manicured gardens, paths, trails, open fields, mountain views, etc.)
  4. Here’s a list of some of my other favorite shoot locations in WNC: (just click on “jump to locations!”) Location Ideas

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