Award Winning Asheville Family Photographer invites you to Say Yes to Winter Family Photos in Asheville!

I get it, Winter isn’t exactly the most popular time of year for Family Portraits in Asheville but just hear me out!

For Photographers in Asheville, because we’re a tourist destination and also because of our elevation / winter temps, work slows wayyyy down during the winter months, in January & February! This is usually true for me, with the exception of a couple weddings here and there, our annual boudoir event in mid January and if I’m lucky, I’ll get to shoot at least a few winter / snowy portrait sessions!

I LOVE Winter Portrait Sessions in Asheville!

3 Reasons WHY you should totally shoot Family Portraits in Winter:

  1. Have you SEEN Winter Sunsets in the Blue Ridge Mountains!?!? The sky is crystal clear & something about that lovely shade of blue in the atmosphere surrounding these Blue Ridge Mountains when the sun sets… it’s legendary!
  2. Winter Wardrobe possibilities, duh!! In the winter you get the opportunity to incorporate alllll of the delicious textures that I love, think: Sequins, Fur, Leather, Cashmere, Corduroy & Tweed, oh my!!! These are absolutely gorgeous textures that bring a very interesting element of depth to your images, that you just don’t get to incorporate in warmer months!
  3. SNOW! Isn’t snow just sooooo damn dreamy!? I think so! I love it and I love shooting in it! Shooting in winter means that the likelihood of being able to shoot in the snow is higher, obviously! But, it also means that some of the more popular hiking destinations in and around Asheville are ghost towns! It often means that you have the whole mountain top or waterfall to yourself, which is kind of magical! Annnnd shooting in winter means that your photographer will have way more time on their hands and it could mean that your proof gallery is much bigger than it would be during peak months and you’ll get it back faster! #isaidwhatisaid 😉

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Winter Family Photos in Asheville: