Asheville’s # 1 Extended Family Photographer shares a look at a gorgeous rose garden family portrait session

Here’s what’s crazy ya’ll: when we have small children, we simultaneously desperately want beautiful portraits to remember them as they are in these adorably precious moments and we also dread family portraits because we know “it’s going to be a total shit show, complete chaos, they’re going to have a melt down, I just now it….” yada, yada, yada….

But, then we get slightly older children: pre-teens, teenagers, young adults… and inexplicably, we begin to neglect the opportunities for quick, easy, gorgeous family portraits to remember them as they are right now, in these beautiful moments of togetherness…

It’s insanity! Why is it like this?

Hear me Friends: Just because your children are older now, doesn’t mean that you should neglect those rare opportunities that you have for family portraits! Especially when you’re all going to be together (and we all know that happens way less frequently has our children age / become young adults with their own busy lives!)

Marilee had the right idea when she booked an Extended Family Portrait Session for her blended family with young adult children, their significant others and her niece and nephew when they would all be together for a family vacation in Asheville this past spring!

If you’re planning a Family Reunion in Asheville or a Vacation in Asheville with your adult children and / or Extended Family, maybe consider booking a gorgeous, picturesque Extended Family Photoshoot while you’ll all be together!? It’s a great idea, right!? You can find the all the information you need here:

Extended Family Portrait Session Investment Information

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