Asheville’s #1 Most Trusted Child & Family Photographer shares adorable Kindergarten Graduation photos from her son’s elementary school!

Friends! My baby is graduating from kindergarten this week and I’m feeling… PROUD!

I’m proud of US!

Kindergarten is a huge transition year for any child but we had an especially wild ride!

Complete with adjusting to the schedule of a school age child, seeing far less of his dad (who lives in Chicago, so bc of school schedule, visits went from 1 week every month to about 36hrs/month – maybe), a first year teacher (who ended up being let go half way through the year – last I read, NC has 60k vacancies, it was that bad), navigating bullying and assault (in kindergarten – IDK about ya’ll but I never came home with a black eye or a busted lip in kindergarten or ever!!), learning to read, write and count and the business of social maturity that happens at this age!

For me, I went from having one week every month (to re-charge, to rest, to catch up on things, to have a social life) to maybe 36hrs / month, even during my busy season (September – December, I shoot about 150 or so portrait sessions, I literally run myself ragged during those months!!) and then handling everything my baby was going through, advocating for him / helping him to navigate all of it — needless to say, it was quite an adjustment year for both of us!

I am PROUD of US. I’m so, so proud of my baby and I am proud of me.

So, we’re headed to Bloomington, MN to Nickelodeon Universe and Dream Works Waterpark later this week to CELEBRATE the end of Kindergarten and this huge achievement!!!

I asked his (new, rockstar, amazing) teacher if she’d like me to order a cute backdrop & create a sweet little set to shoot Kindergarten Graduation photos for her class (which turned into all the classes!)

And here is sampling of the the absolutely adorable result!

These 100 or so kids from my son’s elementary school are gonna have some super precious photos to share in their senior yearbook or for their high school graduation! 😉

Congratulations Class of 2035!


Kindergarten Graduation Photos in Asheville