Asheville Family Photographer share pro tips on How to Coordinate Wardrobe for Fall Family Portraits:

The number one question in your mind, the moment just after you’ve booked your Fall Family Portrait Session: (Unless you’re one of those fashionable, artsy types who get inspired by a garment… that’s a vibe I love.)

What are we going to wear!?

I. Choose a theme color or color pallet and begin searching / shopping for items inline with those colors!

II. Bring ALL the Textures! I’m serious! This is a really easy way to interesting elements and depth to your photos with different Fabrics and Textures! Here’s a quick little list of Fabrics / Textures that get my Heart Racing! 😉









III. Check out our Pinterest Boards for Inspiration! Asheville Portrait Company’s Pinterest Inspiration Boards

IV. Choose one (or two depending on your group size) folks to wear patterned outfits and build out everyone else’s outfit to compliment the show stoppers!

V. Large Groups – I’ve had pretty good experiences with directing large groups choose a theme color or color pallet and then having everyone to choose outfits that reflect the best version of their individual style, while somehow incorporating that theme color into what they’re wearing!

Disclaimer: Someone needs to check the final choices to be sure there’s not too much of any one color and that everyone’s not wearing blue shirts, for instance, that’s gonna look too matchy-matchy and dated!

This adorable family NAILED wardrobe for their Family Portrait Session on the Blue Ridge Parkway last fall! I loved how Rebecca incorporated warm, fall tones with different textures!


How to Coordinate Wardrobe for Fall Family Portraits: