Asheville Photographer reveals tips for having super fun Extended Family Portraits during your Family Vacation in Asheville, NC!

As a Family Photographer in Asheville, I am often asked to come out to my client’s vacation rentals in the mountains surrounding Asheville to photograph their Extended Families while they vacation in Asheville!

Last summer, the Beckman’s asked me to come out to their awesome vacation rental in Leicester, which is just about 20-30 minutes outside of Downtown Asheville! We had such a fun afternoon together! The house was SUCH a cool vacation house, the pool was beautiful and the views were amazing!

I had so much fun with this family that day!!

I don’t have many of siblings or a big family so I always think it’s just SO cool when I get to photograph big extended families who make the time to vacation together! That’s very much what I wish for my life! Maybe I’ll marry a man with a big family that takes vacations together! LOL Here’s hoping so anyway! 😉

The Beckman’s had me come out that afternoon and we first got the more posed family portraits out of the way, and then we just kind of hung out for a while, up on the top deck to take in the views and…. they taught me a new game!

Apparently, this is a thing in the mid-west, I had never in my life heard of it, but it’s kind of awesome! It’s a drinking game set to the tune of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck….

And then I somehow (I swear it didn’t take much convincing) convinced them to jump into the pool with all their clothes on! Something about seeing these grown adult children + their parents be wild and carefree on vacation together was just — MAGIC! And the resulting photos were some GEMS!

Enjoy this brief look at their session!

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