Hello, I'm Brittany!

As a kid, my home was FILLED with Photographs of my Family, of the places we went, of the things we saw and of the love we shared.

Those photographs are how I remember my life!

To me, photos are much more than simply images on a piece of paper. They're HEIRLOOMS!!!

I've always loved photographing people because I love their faces...the expression & emotion found in the face of a mother with her child or of a couple in love, is magic to me...

I love capturing the affection and playful energy that exists within the dynamics of a family.

I love capturing the visible changes & personality of children as they grow.

To me, those things are precious and beautiful and pricelss.

I hope you've enjoyed my art!

It's truly a labor of LOVE.

Please get in touch {via the Contact page} if you would like to discuss creating something Unique & Beautiful for YOUR Family!!!

I'm Hoping to Hear from you Soon!